Kieran Bold has worked as a website content manager, SEO specialist and a moderator for a virtual world and has a passion in the area of programming.

Kieran attended Eirias High School in Colwyn Bay where he studied GCSE’s and A-Levels. During his time there he was the head journalist and chief forum moderator on the school website. He was also apart of the rugby team upon which he was proud to be involved in.
Whilst doing his GCSE’s and A-Levels associated with them would be Information Communication Technology, which involved working with Microsoft Office, HTML/CSS, PHP and a piece of software called Scratch. This led Kieran on to his current undergraduate degree Computer Science.

Whilst Kieran was in education, outside the scene Kieran was a specialist at blogging/website manager on different platforms WordPress, Blogger and Joomla. Kieran ventured into blogging about different gaming platforms and seeking into how the current situation was with different companies and doing analytics about the companies’ on his blog, Kieran had interest in this through his studies in Business Studies in A-levels.

Kieran’s enthusiasm was noticed by one of the companies’ he was blogging about called Disney. Kieran became a partner with their advertising network and became highly ranked with the Search Engine Optimization he had learnt.

Following this Kieran had been contacted upon asking if he would like to join a virtual world upon where he would take a ‘Moderator’ position in managing the users in game.

Following this, Kieran was responsible for researching into skills, which he has now learnt at a professional manner:

– CSS / HTML / JavaScript / PHP
– Search Engine Optimisation
– Copyright Management

Having worked online for different areas of management, this made Kieran keen to learn more about programming at Bangor University BSc Computer Science undergraduate degree. At University he is involved with projects and being a fellow Peer Guide for the Computer Science & Electronic Engineering School.

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