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It’s been an interesting few weeks and months lately, a lot has been going on. As of recent there has been the student elections at my University, it was a rather strong campaign from all candidates, it’s always intriguing to read student manifestos to see what they would do to make the students union and the university even better for the next academic year. I was in the campaign team for Matt Day, who was running for VP Societies and Communities, we had a fantastic campaign, it was great talking to students about what they want to see, what they want and so forth. We created a bus that had real lights and a horn! – we worked so hard to get Matt’s campaign and promises out, we couldn’t of worked harder! – Unfortunately Matt didn’t win and honestly from my personal opinion, it’s always harder campaigning against a ‘re-elect’ anyways.. no matter what.. it was all fun and I do hope that Matt re-runs for next year!

Some of Matt Day’s campaign team for VP Societies and Communities.













Bangor Open Days’ – there have been several open days or applicant days that I’ve involved myself with, I always learn something new when I meet potential students, it’s great fun and experience to talk to parents/students about the University and my degree. It’s always a delight to help out whenever I can, cheers Yvonne and associates for always setting fantastic Open Days! – I always hear great feedback from potential students.


Computer Science and Electronic Engineering – always the best of friends!

Peer Guides 2015/2016 for Bangor University Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Peer Guides 2015/2016 for Bangor University Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Semester 1 – the Semester was overall good, I pretty much enjoyed every module that I had to do, I received my examination results and they were really good overall.

I thoroughly enjoyed the AI for Games module upon which was completely redesigned with Chris Headleand teaching it, I believe this was my best module in learning from barely anything to in-depth knowledge upon which I can now apply in other areas. Chris’ teaching methods I believe was what made me remember the content of the material, an example of this would be Artificial Stupidity. I believe that lecturers that involve students in activities that can make the content interesting makes the student remember more.

An example of this was using Nerf Guns and there would be Chris who would have a strong Nerf gun, powerful and then the AI who would be weighted down, given a weapon that is not as near good and also you couldn’t defend yourself, showing how it works and why we actually need artificial stupidity. I loved how Chris’ used social media as well in his module which was beneficial to me as I use it on a day-to-day basis meaning I would receive notifications quicker, this I also believe made nervous students feel better asking questions as they feel like they’re in an environment they know. Thanks Chris!

Course Rep – this year I decided to run for Year 2 Course Representative for Computer Science, I was fortunate to be elected and to be involved with several SSliAC (Staff Student Liason Committee) which has been a great opportunity to express student’s concerns and also to give praise of what students like. The role involves being a representative for students to approach you with anything related to their degree, recent discuss was about Electronic Engineering students gets computers and we don’t, this was brought up and is now being raised with the Head of the School, it’s important to have a voice and to let it be heard! – I love this position as it’s allowing me to learn a lot of skills and to also improve the existing skills that I have.

Last point that has happened within the past 6 months or so is friendship, finding out who ‘true friends’ are and also having to deal with a lot of situations which have honestly been stressful, upsetting and mentally challenging, so I quote what a great friend that told me and I believe in it:


Trick is to say exactly what you feel to someone without worrying about the consequences, also over thinking events which happened will makes things worse.


As my life progresses, there is a long road ahead which is paved with so many aspects however as Illtud said on his blog post, I stand up for what I believe in and I also do believe in something:

Morality    Justice     Honour     Truth



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