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Following Liam’s post on Horde Labs on the subject ‘Why should you pick Bangor University to study?’ following this post I’d like to discuss how it is being a Peer Guide at Bangor University.  In short.. it’s fantastic. I’ve always been a person that is keen to help and always wants to meet new people, it’s rather important I believe that new potential students (like myself at one point), get a glimpse, a taste, a feel of the environment and area of the university.

Peer Guides 2015/2016 for Bangor University Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Peer Guides 2015/2016 for Bangor University Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Being a Peer Guide is a symbol of representing your own department and the University, it’s known that Bangor has one of the largest peer guding scheme of any in the UK universities and it’s also been recognised nationally for its support for students. If you’re reading this and are considering to be a Peer Guide but not sure what it involves, I’ll briefly explain:

  • You take some compulsory training, you’ll be given information about what to do in certain scenarios, how to approach students/staff/parents in a manner which is professional.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to par-take in Open Days or Applicant Days for potential new students, upon which is a great experience expressing what you’ve learnt or have done so far at the University itself. It’s also good to hear what potential students have to say.
  • You also get to know some of your peers better, not everyone may talk to each other or some peer guides may be in different years so it’s good to talk to others and get to know them better.. it’s a win-win situation!
  • It’s also a great ‘Welcome week’ ‘Freshers week’ especially with the new students, you can par-take in so many activities within the week and get involved with the departments activities.
  • Peer Guiding gives you new skills that you may not have, e.g. Communication skills with others, confidence etc. It’s fun and always a happy time it’s a rather exciting time when events happen for your department.

Peer Guiding is fun and if you are a student, you should defiantly consider being one! For more information click here.

If you are reading this and are a potential student to Bangor University, I want to let you know that us fellow Peer Guides are here for you, in our department (Computer Science and Electronic Engineering) we host a weekly help session, where if you have any worries/concerns with work, you can come talk to us about it and we’ll help guide you through it, as hey! we’ve been in your shoes before.

Here are only a few facts about Bangor University, there is so much to know – so make sure you book an Open Day.

  • Bangor University has almost 11,000 full-time students (undergraduates & postgraduates)
  • Bangor University guarantees accommodation for first year students who apply within the given time frame — also as the years progress, more second and third year students will also be able to apply for a place in halls.
  • Bangor is one of few universities that offer free student membership of Students Union clubs and societies. It’s great as it means you can make use of all the sports and activities offered.
  • Canolfan Brailsford is the University’s Sports Centre upon which has been recently re-developed. The sports centre has been reconfigured and completely refurbished to create facilities such as a new two-storey gym, a dedicated aerobics studio and improved changing areas.
  • Pontio – building work is continuing on Pontio upon which will be the new Arts & Innovation centre. This will be the new home for the Students’ Union upon which will include a theatre, studio theatre, cinema, lecture theaters, exhibition spaces, a bar and a café.

There are so many more facts about the University of which I could talk about, but feel free and come and visit Bangor University for an Open Day, you’ll learn so much about your department and the University itself. I hope this was helpful and feel free to leave any comments and I’ll get back to you.

Kieran Bold

BSc Computer Scientist from Bangor University. Enjoy's new technology, food and has a passion for new techniques and learning.

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