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It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post, I wanted to discuss about my recent endeavor on the Summer project I did along with some others with HPC Wales. During the 1st year of me studying Computer Science at Bangor University. I under-took a compulsory module called Professional Prospective, this module to say in short expressed the use of professional skills and to apply them into our reports, critical thinking, creativity and for a part of the module’s assignment was to be in a group and come up with a project proposal which was related to our degree.

We had to present our idea in terms of a portfolio and also a PowerPoint presentation upon which would be shown to ‘dragons’ which were external companies outside of the University. On the panel was a staff member who was from HPC Wales and they offered to take our project proposal idea further. We were offered to make a group upon which we would then be able to have an opportunity to work with a real running business to make one of our project proposal’s a potential reality. Although I was personally nervous as this was my 1st official experience sharing an idea to people who work in the area, the module certainly did bring up my confidence in terms of writing professionally, ethically and morally.

A team of 10 students from BSc Computer Science at Bangor University, 1st year undergraduates had training of using super-computers at HPC Wales, I personally enjoyed the experience, the weekly training we were provided gave us direct access to there super-computers and we learnt how we could use our material and process it through the super-computing industry. I personally had a great time learning so much in the time-frame and not to mention the friendly and cooperative staff members that assisted us through our understanding of what we had to do.

It was certainly an eye opener upon what is out there after my degree, it was fantastic as a 1st year undergraduate Computer Scientist to be able to go into an industry and given a chance to make a project proposal a reality. It just gave me a taste, a glimpse of where/what I could be doing in the future. Horde Labs is a student research group and although the Summer is coming to an end and we have more areas to tackle in the future, the project and others will happen and the group will continue in order to be successful.

It was great working with my peers, it was 6 weeks of solid work and making sure we had fun in the process, I learnt that collaboration is a key in productivity, it’s great to share and discuss ideas with each other. Having different roles within the group and having a fantastic leader who made this happen Chris Headleand.

I’d personally like to thank HPC Wales, the demonstrates that trained us to use HPC Wales‘ hardware/software, Chris Headleand for making this possible and also to the team members that I worked with throughout the Summer.

Feel free to check our Horde Labs‘ website to see what we’re currently up to and to find out more about how things started.

Kieran Bold

BSc Computer Scientist from Bangor University. Enjoy's new technology, food and has a passion for new techniques and learning.

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